Virtual Administrative Assistant – More than just a Secretary

Did You Know: Employees in large corporations spend about 10 hours per week on administrative activities, and Consultants, speakers and trainers spend 13 hours per week on similar administrative tasks?

Contrary to the common misconception – a virtual assistant is more than just an ‘online secretary’. Sure, we can do that kind of work. You know, answering phones, taking caller notes, filing, organizing and all that clerical goodness allowing the client more time to focus on the vital business aspects. However, we’re more than that. Much more.

Here’s what your Virtual Assistant could be doing for you:

  1. Human Resources – As your business grows you might need to consider bringing in extra help. A Virtual Assistant can assist you with setting up job postings and the preliminary screening process. Of course, you would have the final interview and decision making.
  2. Customer Service – Satisfied customers is vital in any business. It is also time consuming. Virtual Assistants can take care of phone calls, live chats, email correspondence and much more.
  3. Web page development – Some if not most virtual assistants have some type of website development experience. You could have them design a sales/services page that will knock your socks off and bring in business.
  4. Social Media Management & SEO – Driving traffic to your business through Social Media and SEO is another vital aspect of running a business.
  5. Word processing – This goes along with #4. A virtual assistant can write for your business blog include SEO and other forms of advertisement and driving traffic.
  6. Proofreading – If you are a business owner that does a lot of writing then you know that proofreading can get tedious. Having a virtual assistant proofread your work frees up your time. Plus, having another set of eyes re-read what you’ve already read (a dozen times) can help with finding grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

This is just a small percentage of what a virtual assistant can do. If you are unsure of a virtual assistant’s ability – ask first before moving to the next. Many VA’s have a multitude of skills and expertise. They won’t list every single thing they can do because their resumes and cover letters would literally be pages of information to read.

Clients: What does your virtual assistant do for you? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Virtual Assistants: Are there any skills that you would like to add to the list? Feel free to submit your additions below.

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